It is better not to bathe infants immediately after birth

It is better not to bathe infants immediately after birth

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Do not bathe newborns after birth
Many couples who have become parents for the first time want to concentrate fully on the baby in the first few weeks. The apartment is designed to be child-friendly, visits are pending, baby things are taken care of. It is also important to find out what is good for young people. So parents should know that newborns are not allowed to bathe in the first few weeks.

The life situation changes for new parents
When couples have just become parents, the life situation changes enormously for many of them. Some then quickly try to acquire as much knowledge as possible about what is good for the offspring and read articles on topics such as: “Should you let the baby cry to sleep through?” Or “When can you bathe the baby for the first time? “Monika Niehaus, pediatrician from Weimar, has valuable information in a message from the dpa news agency.

Do not bathe newborns for the first few weeks
Newborns may not be bathed in the first few weeks. Only when the little one's body temperature has stabilized is it time for the first trip into the tub. In most cases, the aftercare midwife or the pediatrician give the starting signal. Then the parents decide how often they want to bathe their offspring. According to experts, one bath a week is enough for babies. According to Niehaus, special additives do not have to be put into the water.

Bathroom has to be warm enough
The bathroom should be up to 24 degrees Celsius so that the child does not cool down. Babies cool down faster compared to their body volume due to their large surface area. As it says in the agency report, it is sufficient to clean the tub after the bath, disinfection is unnecessary. After contact with the water, a moisturizing lotion for the baby skin is recommended. In summer, the cream can still have more water than fat content. You can generally do without expensive creams and oils. (ad)

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