Studies: Chocolate significantly improves brain function

Studies: Chocolate significantly improves brain function

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Study finds: Chocolate helps improve our cognitive functions
Are you one of those people who like to eat sweets? Then there could be a reason for you to be happy. Scientists found that regular chocolate consumption is associated with better cognitive function. This message is certainly very gratifying for all those with a sweet tooth.

Many people like to eat sweets. Usually one assumes that excessive chocolate consumption is not healthy and has a negative impact on our weight. However, researchers have now found that chocolate can help improve our cognitive functions. The doctors published the results of their study in the specialist journal "Appetite". The study was carried out by the University of South Australia, the University of Maine and the Luxembourg Institute of Health.

Chocolate can improve our cognitive functions
Most people are warned about excessive chocolate consumption, but now scientists are explaining that the candy improves our cognitive function. The current study had evaluated data from an older study that looked at food intake and related risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The participants also had to do some tests to measure cognitive functions, the experts explain. The results were interesting and actually showed an improvement in cognitive functions, the scientists continued.

Chocolate could protect against age-related cognitive decline
Frequent chocolate consumption was significantly linked to improved cognitive performance in the tests. For example, the visual-spatial memory and our abstract thinking improved, the researchers say. Chocolate may actually help protect us from normal age-related cognitive decline, the doctors suspect. In the past, chocolate was used to lower fever, treat diarrhea in children, increase “male strength”, increase breast milk production, promote sleep, or even to clean teeth, for example, the experts say. However, without scientific evidence of effectiveness, based on the areas of application mentioned.

Chocolate protects against strokes and lowers cholesterol
Chocolate is a luxury food that often consists essentially of cocoa and various types of sugar. The name is related to the first cocoa-containing drink that was then consumed by the Aztecs in Mexico. At that time, this drink consisted of cocoa, vanilla, water and cayenne pepper. On a solid scientific basis, modern studies today have found that chocolate is actually good for our heart and circulation, the scientists say. It helps to reduce the risk of stroke. Chocolate also lowers cholesterol levels and protects the skin from so-called sun damage. So you should let your child eat a few pieces of chocolate or it is best to grab it yourself. (as)

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