Without side effects: Sound file should help against falling asleep

Without side effects: Sound file should help against falling asleep

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Sleep aid without side effects
"Good night!" - with these words, partners wish for a good night's sleep. For more than 20 million Germans, however, the wish remains that they suffer from falling asleep or staying asleep. Women are affected twice as often as men. Many of them are even dependent on sleeping pills because they simply cannot switch off properly in the evening. A new treatment method based on beneficial sound files is now helping.

"The cause of falling asleep is usually found in the activity level of the brain, triggered by excessive stress," explains the Duisburg ENT specialist Dr. Uso Walter. "In stress, the dominant are the beta waves, which vibrate at up to 30 Hz more than twice as fast as the alpha waves in rest phases and five times as fast as the theta waves when sleeping." And there it is not so easy to come back down. Sleeping and calming pills promise a simple solution here, but it is very dangerous. Because the addiction potential and the side effects are considerable. A simple, acoustic alternative are so-called binary beats. Background: If two slightly different tones are heard on the right and left ear, the brain tunes to the difference between the two frequencies. Embedded in sound files specially developed for sleep disorders, the brain and also the human being come to rest easily and without side effects.

The scientifically well documented method has long been established in sleep medicine and is now also financially affordable. It costs around 40 euros. (pm)

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