Researchers: Viagra's side effect relieves heart failure

Researchers: Viagra's side effect relieves heart failure

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Medicines containing sildenafil for the rapid treatment of heart disease
The drug Viagra (Sildenafil) is well known to most people. Since the drug was launched on the market by the American company Pfizer in 1998, its popularity has increased rapidly. It is used in men to treat erectile dysfunction. The small blue pill ensures that those affected by impotence can have a full and exciting sex life. Can this “potency pill” also have a positive effect on other diseases? American researchers have now discovered in their research that Viagra can trigger an unexpected side effect.

Current research has shown that medications containing sildenafil have a positive effect on certain heart diseases. Both women and men benefit from the drug contained in Viagra. In the future, Viagra could help improve the health of heart failure patients.

Viagra as a new drug for heart failure with pulmonary hypertension?
American researchers have carried out tests at various hospitals in the state of Massachusetts to determine how Viagra works in heart failure, reports the Austrian newspaper "Tips". In this disease, the heart muscle of the person concerned is usually severely weakened. Due to this weakening, the muscle is no longer able to do its job properly. The human heart will then no longer be able to pump the required amount of blood into the patient's body. In many cases, systolic heart failure occurs in combination with pulmonary hypertension (high pulmonary artery pressure). The large number of all patients who suffer from heart failure are also affected by such hypertension. The problem is widespread, so about 75 percent of those suffering from heart failure also suffer from the secondary disease.

Blue pill reduces lung pressure and improves mobility
The scientists examined 34 patients from a Massachusetts hospital. The subjects suffered from systolic heart failure combined with pulmonary hypertension. To treat the sick, the doctors use Viagra (dosage 25 mg to 100 mg). During the course of the investigation, American researchers found that Viagra had a positive effect on the general health of the test subjects. The lung pressure decreased and a significantly improved performance when walking was observed. Overall, it is possible to reduce the average length of stay in the hospital by up to twelve days by taking Viagra, writes the "Tips".

Viagra works quickly against the effects of heart disease
Already in older studies it was noticed that Viagra probably has a positive effect on heart diseases. The current studies now confirm these results. The scientists found that a single dose of Viagra improves the health of those affected. According to the Austrian newspaper, the medicines explained that the medicinal product appears to be effective against some negative effects of heart disease. If the current results are confirmed by data from further studies, it is quite possible that Viagra will no longer be used only to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in the future. The blue “potency pill” could then also be used to treat heart diseases. Drugs containing sildenafil could improve the health of millions of people with heart failure. (As)

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