Too little blood donation due to flu

Too little blood donation due to flu

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State Medical Association calls for blood donation

The supply of canned blood is shrinking in Hesse due to the current cold and flu epidemic. The State Medical Association therefore called for blood donation. Bottlenecks have also been reported in other areas in recent weeks.

Blood bank stocks extremely low In Hesse, blood bank stocks are shrinking more and more because of the current cold and flu epidemic. As the news agency dpa reports, a spokeswoman for the German Red Cross (DRK) said that the stocks are currently extremely low. The Hesse State Medical Association therefore called for blood donation. A widespread communication says that especially the blood type "0 rhesus negative" is urgently needed. "This blood group is extremely important, especially in emergency situations when it has to be done quickly, because in contrast to other blood groups, it can be transmitted to all recipients," said Gottfried von Knoblauch zu Hatzbach, President of the Medical Association.

Blood reserves have shrunk due to Mardi Gras and flu epidemic. It is said that the blood reserves have shrunk in recent weeks, among other things, because community halls and gyms were occupied due to numerous Carnival celebrations, which are otherwise available for donation appointments. To make matters worse, the current flu wave, because those who are ill are only allowed to donate blood again four weeks after the last symptoms. Basically, every healthy person between the ages of 18 and 70 can donate blood. However, first-time donors must not be older than 64 years. “You can save lives with little time. You should internalize this idea, ”said the Hessian Chamber of Physicians.

Blood group is determined Before the blood is taken for only a few minutes, a medical examination is carried out, which measures blood pressure and pulse, among other things. The donor should plan a total of approximately one hour with registration, examination, blood sampling and a subsequent snack. If not yet known, the blood type is also determined. Healthy men can donate blood up to six times a year, women up to four times. There must be at least eight weeks between each donation.

Don't forget your ID card You must bring your ID card to donate blood. Some groups of people are permanently excluded as blood donors according to the guidelines of the German Medical Association. They include, for example, people with frequently changing sexual partners, male and female prostitutes, homosexuals, prison inmates and alcohol, drug and drug addicts. Other permanent exclusion criteria are diseases such as hepatitis, HIV or syphilis. (ad)

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